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20 years ago, I wanted to do something other than Nutcracker.  And something to bring kids into the theater, and keep them engaged.  Over the years, I've developed 10 different Christmas ballets.  Most in the 55 minute range, in 1 act.

All of these ballets contain classic and current music.  Fun, face paced and full of dancers!   Most of the productions use 100-130 dancers.  I also incorporate video screens with images, sing-a-longs, and video clips to keep the kids engaged.   I have a professional DJ narrate all the ballets.  All dialogue is already clicked into each track.

I am selling these ballets for you to re-create on your own company or school.   You get an flash drive of the whole production..most shot in HD.  The music, script and sometimes cues.

If available I can also travel to re-stage these ballets, usually over the course of 2-3 weekends.


Christmas Ballets

Story Ballets

The story ballets I do have usually have been done in the Spring, and outdoors!   I have several of those, and like the Christmas ballets..involve many kids, and usually run 55 minutes, 1 act.

"The Magical Garden' is loosely based on The Secret Garden. 'Once Upon A Time' is a combination of several children's stories put together.  'Earth Day' is loosely based on The Lorax.  'The Adventures of Alice' is loosely based on Alice in Wonderland.   Just as with the Christmas ballets..all of these can be purchased with music, and scripts.  


Themed Ballets

The themed ballets are in the 20-40 minutes range.   I have many of these.   Gershwin, Elvis, the Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Celine Dion, Art Ballet ( where famous painting come to life on stage), New Orleans Ballet,and  A Country Music Ballet.   And that's just some of them.

As with all of my work...anyone interested can ask for longer clips, more details and pricing.


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