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Series 3 - Vol 1,2 & 3

The third in the series.   DVD 1 is for the beginner, but with a twist.  All across the floor.   DVD 2 is all lyrical.  Runs, falls, floor work, all with progressions, turns, and long combo's across the floor.  DVD 3 is advanced jazz.   Jumps, turns. kicks and several longer combos.   Each sold individually.    $20 each.   Dropbox or flash drive to you.   720P upscaled quality.   (DVD)

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8 DVD's for Sale - Each $20.   Digital copy sent to you via Dropbox, or flash drive in the mail

Series 1 - A thorough and complete warm up, Progressions and Isolations.   For beginner to advanced dancer.

Series 2 - Warm Up, Progressions, Turns, Jumps and short Combos.

Series 3 - Unique patterns, Floor Work, Turns and Jumps from Beginner to Advanced.

Contact for music editing, or music for class.   All available to email

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